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Courses & Workshops

You are invited to attend weekend workshops to learn about chronic pain, tools to empower healing, and Realization Process teacher training. Each workshop is tailored to help you learn about and gently, individually and in partners, experience tools that empower your personal or professional healing work.

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The Heart and Healing within Chronic Pain

A Self Paced Online Course for Individuals and Therapists in Managing & Relieving Chronic Pain

Join me on a transformative journey in the "Heart and Healing Within Chronic Pain" course! As a licensed clinical psychologist and Realization Process senior teacher with over 30 years of experience, I designed this course with the aim of assisting individuals and therapists in managing and overcoming chronic pain. In this experiential learning we focus on the importance of compassionate self-treatment, the psychological and physical dimensions of pain, and key concepts such as the difference between acute and chronic pain, brain areas affected by chronic pain, and the potential for healing. 

The course is structured into five modules, each offering informational content, experiential exercises, and reflective questions to engage with the material deeply. Focusing on the possibilities for unlearning chronic pain through emotional balance, persistent self-care, gradual healing, and brain-strengthening through new learning. 

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Realization Process Healing Ground Certification Training

In Person!  Spring, 2025 - dates to be announced -

Healing Ground is the spiritual psychotherapy aspect of the Realization Process.  This training teaches the main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, and their application to personal maturity and psychological healing. Specific practices are taught for listening and responding to another person as fundamental consciousness, for subtle reading of constrictions and openness in one’s own and another person’s body, and for recognizing and releasing emotional wounds and trauma-based constrictions from the body....

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