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Private Sessions

I invite you to a safe and compassionate space to untangle and release difficulties that interfere with your quality or functioning in life. Taking a look at hurts can help normalize and clarify confusing or negative behavior, thoughts, and emotions to normalize past experiences. Embodiment, mindful, and somatic experiential practices lead you to regain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. These practical techniques, along with education, and therapeutic processing will guide you along your path to integrated health and the resilience needed to manage the most stressful circumstances. You become your own best friend.

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Trauma informed therapy helps you resolve traumatic memories, reduce intensity and frequency of triggers, improve self-confidence & self-worth, reduce sensitivity to triggers, lessen issues of chronic pain, nightmares, and improve sleep. Therapy can also help you navigate through relationships, loss & life transitions, and support spiritual growth.


Telehealth Psychotherapy

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Couples / Relationships

Supervision-Christi Bemister


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