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When Do We Not Face Our Fears? Investigating the Boundary Conditions of Costly Pain-Related Avoidance Generalization

The science of understanding avoidance behavior when an individual has chronic pain.

Hierarchical clustering by patient-reported pain distribution alone identifies distinct chronic pain subgroups differing by pain intensity, quality, and clinical outcomes

The science of understanding the 9 chronic pain subgroups.

Inhabiting the Body as Unitive Consciousness, Judith Blackstone, PhD

This paper presents the Realization Process, a method of body psychotherapy that includes a series of inward attunement exercises for experiencing unitive consciousness as the basis of deepened contact with one’s own being and with other people. The paper focuses primarily on this method’s understanding and facilitation of embodiment. In the Realization Process, embodiment is viewed as the experience of being present everywhere in one’s body simultaneously, as unitive consciousness.

Psychopathology of Chronic Pain (graduate paper)

This paper explores the relationship between psychopathology and chronic pain within the literature as well as from a clinical perspective. Working in the pain management field for several years, questions have come up about this relationship and how exactly does psychotherapy help a person in obvious physical pain. In fact, what is pain anyway?

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