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Telehealth Psychotherapy


Depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, among other issues may be effecting your quality of life, causing an inability to feel the pleasure or health from your life. 

In therapy, you will learn the skills to work through depression, anxiety, and other distresses to gain or regain your mental health leading to intimacy and joy.

I use a variety of techniques including education, discussion, mindfulness, sensory integration, and body oriented exercises to help you rediscover your life.

Exclusively doing on-line telehealth with HIPAA compliant video software--(check with your insurance company for telemedicine coverage!)

Eventually, I will return to my office on the old west side of Ann Arbor, Michigan, with easy access from the highway and parking on site.

Fees: Accepting BCBS across the US, HSA, out of network for most insurance companies, or private pay of $180 per 55 minute session.

Currently I do not accept Medicare (including BCBS complete) or Medicaid plans

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