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Looking for self-understanding and encouragement to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations? Chronic pain, depression, anxiety and more can lessen through gaining insights into yourself along with focused intentional practices. Choose from a variety of options, where you feel most comfortable, to begin or continue your personal work.  Private counseling, groups sessions, and courses are offered some being covered by insurance.

About Christi

As a licensed clinical psychologist, also trained in holistic healing modalities, I offer you compassion and training to help you process your hurts, uncover your strengths, and gain the quality of life you seek. I use an integrated mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical framework oriented to you. My clinical experience focused on chronic pain, depression, and anxiety and more, yet I have 20+ years studying and training in spiritual, mindfulness, and other healing practices. I have a personal healing history using these multiple modalities for my own healing and I offer them in service to your personal healing journey.





Depression, anxiety, chronic pain and illness, among other issues may be effecting your quality of life, causing an inability to feel the pleasure or health from your life. 


In therapy, you will learn the skills to work through depression, anxiety, and other distresses to gain or regain your mental health leading to intimacy and joy.

I use a variety of techniques including education, discussion, mindfulness, sensory integration, and body oriented exercises to help you rediscover your life.


I have an office on the old west side of Ann Arbor, Michigan, with easy access from the highway and parking on site.


Cost: Accepting BCBS, or private pay of $180 per 55 minute session.


On-line: with HIPAA compliant video software--check with your insurance company for telemedicine coverage!

Realization Process Practice Group

Experience Realization Process practices lead by Marcia Haarer, LMSW and Christi Bemister, PsyD, LP. Each month we give you an opportunity to come together to experience essential RP practices. (Realization Process developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD)

First Wednesday of the month, 7-8:30 pm ongoing.

Please contact me directly prior to your first practice group so we can connect and I get know a little about your background. I look forward to meeting you!

Remember Health & Release Chronic Pain


Wonder what stress is doing to your body, how it can actually create pain? Come join this class to learn the biology-stress connection, our typical psychological responses to stress and pain, and effective tools for better pain management (particularly the Realization Process practices developed by Judith Blackstone, PhD). This class brings together important information, discussions about reflective self-awareness, with the soothing integration of Realization Process practices.

Three classes offered online, once several participants are enrolled, according what schedule works best.

Cost: $150

Realization Process
Embodiment Teacher Training

Ann Arbor, Michigan,
April 2020

Please join us for the Part 1, of this amazing training!


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117 North First Street, Suite 103

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(734) 834-4429

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