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Learn to experience deep intimate contact  with yourseland with others,
as you reconcile and  
release patterns that no longer serve 
your life or  
your relationships.

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Christi Bemister brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her work as a Realization Process therapist and teacher.   She is a compassionate, sensitive, grounded presence, and an exceptionally skilled healer of both chronic physical pain and emotional wounding.  I highly recommend her as an ideal companion and guide for your healing journey.

-Judith Blackstone, PhD, Founder Realization Process


For You

Looking for  self-understanding and  encouragement to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations? Chronic pain, depression, anxiety and more can lessen through gaining insights into yourself along with focused intentional Realization Process practices.


Choose from a variety of options, where you feel most comfortable, to begin or continue your personal work.  Private counseling, groups sessions, and courses are offered.


About Christi

As a licensed clinical psychologist, also trained in holistic healing modalities, I offer you compassion and training to help you process your hurts, uncover your strengths, and gain the quality of life you seek. I use an integrated mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical framework oriented to you. My clinical experience focused on chronic pain, depression, and anxiety and more, yet I have 20+ years studying and training in spiritual, mindfulness, and other healing practices. I have a personal healing history using these multiple modalities for my own healing and I offer them in service to your personal healing journey.



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Individuals Therapy

Telehealth Psychotherapy for individuals.


Online & HIPAA Compliant

The focus is on you and your unique needs. Let’s spend some time together guiding you to your best self.

Couples Therapy.png

Couples Therapy

Telehealth Psychotherapy for couples.

Online & HIPAA Compliant

The focus is on your shared needs. Let’s spend some time together guiding you both to your best selves.

Shadows on the Wall

Upcoming Workshops and Courses

Training: Embodiment Aspect of the Realization Process

Spring 2024. Part One: Marcia Haarer & Christi Bemister, Taught in person, Ann Arbor, MI. Part Two: June 20-24 (with Judith in Woodstock) 


The main Realization Process practices for embodied nondual awakening, as well as specific embodiment and gentle movement practices for cultivating internal unity, balance, fluidity, presence and subtle energy within the body.

Upcoming Course: Realization Process and Understanding Chronic Pain & Trauma

This introductory online course presents the basic biology/psychology of the origin of pain and how pain is a whole system response to distress, particularly trauma. This is combined with the use of Realization Process practices to disentangle maladapted holding patterns related to trauma and pain. Education, research, self-reflection, and interactive exercises develop your ability to use this information for your own healing as well as for healing of your clients.

This course is meant for individuals with at least one Realization Process certification received through Judith Blackstone, PhD.

The fundamental ground of your being has never been injured. As you attune to it, you can become free of depression, anxiety, bitterness and confusion. You can experience the spontaneous upwelling of compassion for yourself and others. You can find within your body an innate, ever-present source of equanimity and happiness.

-Judith Blackstone, PhD, Founder Realization Process

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